Burt Chance
First appearance Pilot
Number of episodes 65
Portrayed by Garret Dillahunt
Gavin MacIntosh (age 13)
Jeric Rogers (age 10)
Corey Eid (Teen)
Cameron Moulène (age 17)
Michael Scott Allen (age 20)
Gender Male
Occupation Landscaper
Relatives Virginia Chance (Wife)

Norma June Mayfair † (Great Grandmother in-law)

Jimmy Chance (Son)

Hope Chance (Granddaughter)

Barbara June Thompson (Grandmother-in-law)

Wilfred Thompson † (Grandfather-in-law)

Sabrina Collins (Daughter-in-law)

Relationships Delilah (Ex-girlfriend)

Virginia Chance (Wife)

Engelburt Jebidiah Chance is the husband of Virginia, father to Jimmy Chance, grandfather of Hope and the grandson-in-law of Maw Maw.

Character BiographyEdit

Early Life Edit

Teenage YearsEdit

Burt met Virginia when he was dating Virginia's cousin Delilah. Virginia eventually stole him away from Delilah. Burt was 16 at that time, making him 17 when Jimmy was born.


Despite his apparent lack of intelligence, Burt is a good man with a positive disposition. He deeply loves his wife Virginia and has remained faithful to her throughout the years (as evidenced when he admits to only ever sleeping with her). Burt is a devoted father and has a strong relationship with his son Jimmy. Jimmy states that Burt and Virginia never made him feel that his birth was a mistake, which may contribute to him not wanting to abandon Hope despite their financial position. Burt disguised himself every Halloween to scare Jimmy so he would run back to Burt for a hug. He admits to doing this because he sometimes missed how Jimmy would come to him and hold him tightly. Burt's love for his granddaughter is evidenced by his distress when Hope falls ill and Jimmy is unable to take her to a doctor due to not having any health insurance.

Although Burt is generally an upright man, he tends to flirt harmlessly with some of his female clients. However, realizing the effect this had on this family (given the disastrous results when Jimmy and Virginia try flirting as well), he stops, and allows Jimmy to take over that particular position ("Everybody Flirts Sometimes").



Burt's parents are always on him and are not overly proud of what he has done with his life, and they have made clear the fact that they like his brother Bruce more than they like him. He was conceived during a family event and his parents are actually third cousins.

Virginia ChanceEdit

Virginia and Burt have been together since their teens. It was revealed that Virginia and Burt got married while Virginia was in labor. They've been together ever since and are happily married with their son Jimmy and granddaughter Hope.

Jimmy ChanceEdit

Jimmy is Burt's son and was conceived during Virginia's friend's sweet sixteen party. Burt has always wanted more attention from Jimmy. Jimmy once worked for Burt.

Lucy CarlyleEdit

The night that Hope was conceived, Jimmy was supposed to go out and get Bubblegum ice cream but that didn't happen when he met and had a one night stand with wanted serial killer Lucy instead after helping her escape from her boyfriend (that he thought was going to harm her). The next morning Lucy pronounced the name of a nutty Eurasian guy which Burt thinks is funny. Burt is scared of Lucy and is scared that Hope will turn out like her, but knows that will never happen.

Hope ChanceEdit

Burt has always been protective of Hope and deeply loves her. It is shown he's had concerns about Hope's behavior but is not too worried.

Maw Maw Edit

Burt deeply cares about Maw Maw and helps her with her Dementia.


  • Burt works as professional landscaper.
  • If people tell Burt to think, all he can think of is the word "think".
  • In the episode Blue Dots, while trying to get Hope into preschool, Jimmy looks online and it is revealed Burt was once charged with statutory rape as he was 17 and Virginia was 15. His blue dot gets revoked in the episode.