Dale Carlyle
First appearance "Meet the Grandparents"
Last appearance "Modern Wedding"
Number of episodes 4
Name Dale Carlyle
Gender Male
Occupation Psychiatrist
Relatives Lucy Carlyle (Daughter)
Relationships Margine Carlyle (Wife)

Dale Carlyle is the father of Lucy Carlyle and husband to his mentally shaken wife Margine. He first appears in "Meet the Grandparents".


Dale is a psychiatrist and met his wife when he was treating her (and continued treating her after the two married). After his daughter, Lucy, was executed for her murders, his wife went into a catatonic state and he has been treating her since. In "Meet the Grandparents", Jimmy decides it's high time to meet Hope's grandparents. When he invites them to Thanksgiving dinner, Dale is hesitant because of his wife's current condition, but they eventually agree to come anyway. At dinner, things seem to be going fine until they kidnap Hope. The Chances are willing to let it go if they return Hope, except for Virginia, who takes out Margine and then Dale with a computer monitor (which seems to have become her trademark--taking people out with home electronics) and soon calls the police. They are then sentenced to five to ten years in prison. He is later seen in "Spanks Butt, No Spanks" when Jimmy comes to him for advice after Hope begins showing possible signs of becoming a serial killer like her mother. He then reveals the Lucy started off hitting and then she graduated to slight stabbings he gives Jimmy advice of no violence around Hope as he and his wife fought constantly, which makes Jimmy decide to try to keep all negative energy (arguments and even disagreements) away from Hope in hopes that it will keep her future in the opposite direction of her mother.

Dale was later released for good behavior while his wife served 12 years more for stabbing a guard. When Lucy is hit by a bus and somehow survives, he brings her home (expecting her to die) but she survives. Dale keeps her in a child like state to prevent her form harming others or going to jail.