"Dead Tooth"

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September 28, 2010
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"Dead Tooth"

"Dead Tooth" is the second episode of Season One of FOX's Raising Hope. It is written by Greg Garcia and directed by Michael Fresco. It is the second episode of the series overall, and premiered on September 28, 2010.


When Jimmy returns to work, he hires Sabrina's cousin Shelley - a.k.a. "Dead Tooth" - to babysit Hope. Meanwhile, Burt tries to get Virginia to quit smoking.


Mike has left the house with a girl so Burt needs Jimmy to work with him again. Jimmy doesn't know what to do with the baby during work, so he decides to bring her at work. Burt tries to get Maw Maw and Virginia quit smoking, but Maw Maw doesn't want to quit and Virginia will quit smoking only if Maw Maw quit first.

The police are called when Burt and Jimmy bring the baby at work. So Jimmy needs to find a babysiter for the baby.

Later, Virginia meets Sabrina and Sabrina advises Jimmy to drop of Hope at her cousin Shelly's day care. Jimmy and Shelly made out at a party two years ago. Shelly is still atracted by Jimmy but Jimmy is afraid of her dead tooth.

Burt can't get Maw Maw to quit smoking so he builds a bubble around her to prenvent the smoke to get into the house, but it failed. Jimmy don't want to date Shelly but she provides a free daycare and knows how to take care of the baby.

When the baby is asleep, Shelly decides to rent a movie and buy condoms to spend the nigth with Jimmy. Unfortunatly for Jimmy they meet Sabrina at the grocery store. When Sabrina sees how desperate Jimmy is, she tries to help him by joning the couple for the night. However Jimmy wasn't expecting Sabrina to show up with her boyfriend. Jimmy refuses to make out with Shelly and explains that he likes Sabrina even though she has a boyfriend. Consequently Shelly will charge Jimmy for babysitting Hope. Although Maw Maw hasn't quit smoking, Virginia quit anyway because she wants to help Jimmy to pay for the daycare with her cigarette money and she wants to see Hope growing up.