First appearance What Up, Cuz?
Number of episodes 3
Portrayed by Amy Sedaris
Laura Avey (Teen)

Delilah Thompson is the cousin of Virginia Chance and granddaughter of Maw Maw.

It's not revealed exactly how they're related, all we know for sure is that they're cousins and both Maw Maw's grandchildren.

Delilah first appears in "What Up, Cuz?" when she returns after 15 years and wants her share of Maw Maw's estate (whom she believes to be dead because of a lie Virginia told) and says her business was wiped out by the crisis.

As a child she would spend the summer at Maw Maw's, and was rivals with Virginia, who was jealous of her because she always had nicer things.

It's revealed in the same episode that she once dated Burt (until Virginia stole him from her).

Later on, in "Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent, Baby! Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent!" she marries an air force pilot and invites the Chances to her wedding--stating that they probably won't come anyway because they can't afford a plane ticket.

However, in "Hey There, Delilah", Delilah mentions that her husband left her after realizing he preferred being in the war to being married to her. The divorce left Delilah so poor that she sold her blood for money and once again returns and now tries to turn Maw Maw against Virginia and Burt so she can convince her to sign up for a reverse mortgage.