Dream Hoarders

Production Code
October 5, 2010
Written by
Ralph Greene
Directed by
Michael Fresco

Dream Hoarders

"Dream Hoarders" is the third episode of Season One of FOX's Raising Hope. It is written by Ralph Greene and directed by Michael Fresco. It is th third episode of the series overall, and premiered on October 5, 2010.

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Jimmy wants to babyproof the house. The baby is trapped in Virginia's closet and Maw Maw succeed to get the baby out. Jimmy wants his parents to be more realistic but he realizes that dreams are important for Hope.

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Jimmy discovers that his parents never cared about his safety when he was a baby. In order to babyproof the house Jimmy has to convice his mom to get rid of some of her stuff, but she has compulsive hoarding.

Buying stuff to babyproof the house is also a good reason to go to the grocery store and talk to Sabrina. While Jimmy is at the store, Hope crawls into Virginia's stuff. Burt and Virginia can't get to the baby and want it to come out of is own. They can't move Virginia's stuff because it could all crash down. Only Maw Maw manage to move a piece at a time.

On the next morning, Virginia dicovers that jimmy has throw away all of her stuff during the night. Jimmy wants the family to live into reality. But he realizes that dreams are important.

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