Frank Marolla
Frank marolla
First appearance The Sniffles
Portrayed by Todd Giebenhain
Name Frank Marolla
Gender Male
Date of birth 1984-85
Relationships Barney (Boss)

Jimmy Chance (Co-worker/ex-husband)
Sabrina Collins (Co-worker)


Frank (Todd Giebenhain) is a creepy and incompetent co-worker at Howdy's Market, where Jimmy and Sabrina also work. In his homemade commercial for Howdy's Market, he states that he was born in the Year of the Rat. It is surmised that he is referring to the Chinese Zodiac, and from his estimated age, was born between February 1984 and February 1985. He is also shown to have a gambling addiction.

Frank lives alone in his parents old house. In season 2's "The Men of New Natesville," it is hinted that Frank's parents abandoned him, and went to Florida. The circumstances are not revealed, however Frank does reveal to Jimmy that his father is an alcoholic. He drives an AMC Pacer.

In season 1 finale, it is shown that Frank used to do a good job and took pride in his work.

It was revealed in Season 2's "The Men of New Natesville" that Frank shared the same bully as Jimmy in high school.

In Season 3, Frank and Jimmy are temporarily married in the episode “What Happens at Howdy's Doesn't Stay at Howdy's."

Frank built a mini version of Natesville in his home to compensate for the loss of his parents ("The Men of New Natesville")

Frank joins the Big Brother organization as a "little brother" in season one. His "big brother" is Barney.