The Jimmy-Sabrina relationship deals with the interaction of both Jimmy and Sabrina characters.

Jimmy has an infatuation with Howdy's grocery store clerk Sabrina Collins. Though Sabrina has worked at Howdy's for at least five years, Jimmy noticed her around the time he started taking care of Hope. Unfortunately, Sabrina has a boyfriend named Wyatt. This has stopped Jimmy from making his move. However, he and Sabrina did kiss one Halloween while she was drunk.

Although Jimmy is generally honest, he does try to sabotage Sabrina and Wyatt's relationship, but it usually backfires, bringing Sabrina and Wyatt closer together.

Sabrina spends most of her time at work drawing on cantaloupes and mixing up the cereals and soup cans. It was revealed in the Season 1 finale that she had been very nerdy and she was had had a crush on the goth version of Jimmy. Later,Sabrina becomes insecure about her accomplishments, comparing the achievements of her friends and former classmates from high school with her own. Jimmy convinces Sabrina to confront her own shortcomings and to embrace her strengths, mending her relationships with her sister and her old friends.

On Valentine's Day (Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend), Jimmy confesses his feelings to Sabrina. After a brief silent moment, she kisses him and they become a couple. Later on third season (Modern Wedding) Sabrina and Jimmy get married. Yay!