Louise Thompson
Louise thompson
First appearance "Family Secrets"
Last appearance "Family Secrets"
Portrayed by Linda Gehringer

Alisa Hensley (20-year-old)

Name Louise Thompson
Gender Female
Relatives Virginia Chance (Daughter)

Jimmy Chance (Grandson)
Hope Chance (Great-Granddaughter)
Barbara June Thompson (Mother)
Wilfred Thompson(Father)†
Unnamed Brother(Brother)

Louise Thompson is the daughter of Barbara June and Wilfred Thompson, mother of Virginia, the grandmother of Jimmy, and the great-grandmother of Hope.

Louise had Virginia at the age of 20 and, feeling that mothering was not for her, wanted to give her up for adoption, but Maw-Maw wouldn't hear of it. As a result, Maw-Maw took in Virginia and Louise left when Virginia was two and never came back, but told Maw-Maw to make up a story about why she left so Virginia wouldn't try to find her when she got older.

Virginia grew up believing that her mother had died after wearing a plastic bag on her face to keep bees off of her while trying to get honey from a beehive under the eave of the house, falling and hitting her head on a lawn duck. Virginia wanted to shield Jimmy from people thinking her mother was an idiot for dying the way she did, so she never told him about this until he pressed her on it in "Family Secrets".

However, when Sabrina searches online trying to find out more about her, she finds that Louise is not actually dead, but very much alive (and had recently updated her status to complain that Salad Plantation had run out of Thousand Island). The two track her down and discover that Louise lives a wild life of parties and numerous sexual partners (both young and old).

Louise has a hard time accepting that she is anyone's grandmother at first, but does admit to the situation regarding Virginia and the fact that the story Virginia was told was a story in a Reader's Digest that she and Maw-Maw had read.

Jimmy tells her they still live in the same house and tries to get her to come visit and get to know Virginia, but Louise tells him that she chose this life and doesn't want to change anything about it, and that she already has all the family she needs.

In the end, Jimmy decides keeps their encounter a secret in order to protect Virginia's feelings, and lies that he was trying a kumquat at Howdy's when Virginia asks where he's been.