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September 21, 2010
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"Pilot" is the first episode of Season One of FOX's Raising Hope. It is written by Greg Garcia and directed by Michael Fresco. It is the first episode of the series overall, and premiered on September 21, 2010.


When well-meaning 23-year-old Jimmy Chance has a one-night stand with a wanted felon, he ends up being a dad to a bouncing baby girl. Inspired to do the right thing by his daughter, he has to convince his less-than-enthusiastic parents, Burt and Virginia, and great-grandmother to help him raise her.


23-year-old Jimmy Chance works as a lawn mower and pool cleaner boy. He works in his father's company Better Lawn Service and Pool Cleaning with his cousin Mike. Exasperated by his father lacks of professionalism, Jimmy quits. His mother, Virginia Chance, scrubs toilet for a living. Jimmy lives at his great-grandmother house with his parents and his cousin. After dinner Jimmy has to get bubblegum ice cream. On his way back he saves Lucy Carlyle from a man chasing her. Jimmy has a one-night-stand with her. The next morning the family find out that Lucy is a serial killer, and when Lucy comes back from the toilet Virginia knocks her out with the TV set.

Eigth months later Jimmy discovers at the prison that Lucy his pregnant. After Lucy's execution, Jimmy has the custody of the baby girl named "Princess Beyoncé". Clueless about how to raise a baby, Virginia tries to convince him to drop the baby at the fire station. But he refuses.

Jimmy needs to get money to buy a car seat for the baby. On his way to the pawn shop he meets Sabrina Collins, a grocery store employee. Later, Jimmy goes back to the grocery store to buy baby food and talks to Sabrina again.

Jimmy tries to change the baby but he and his mom throw up on it. When Jimmy tries to get the baby to sleep it cries for hours. Jimmy is clueless and his parents decide to help him by singing a song to the baby, the same song they used to calm down Jimmy with when he was a baby. When she is finally asleep Jimmy is still ready to keep the baby because he wants to do something with his life and Virgnia names the baby Hope.




  • A newscaster in the background reports, "A small-time crook with a long list of wrongs he was making amends for has finally finished, and you'll never guess how it ended." However, the newscast is cut off before we can hear more. This sort of serves as an ending for the series My Name is Earl after it was canceled with a To be continued ending.