Say Cheese

Production Code
October 12, 2010
Written by
Greg Garcia
Directed by
Eyal Gordin

"Say Cheese" is the fourth episode of Season One of FOX's Raising Hope. It is written by Greg Garcia and directed by Eyal Gordin. It is the fourth episode of the series overall, and premiered on October 12, 2010.

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Sabrina comes at the Chances house to spend the day with Jimmy. She discovers the family portrait and Virginia explains all about those portrait. No one is happy on those pictures except in the last one wich came with a fine for traffic violation.

Recap Edit

At the grocery store, Jimmy sees Dinky Shrinks, he loved to make those as the kid. Since Hope is to young to use Dinky Shrinks, Sabrina offers to do them with Jimmy.

Jimmy is excited by the fact Sabrina is coming over without her boyfriend. Before she arrives, he kicks out his crazy family.

Later, Sabrina discovers the family portrait of the Chances. Jimmy tells how stressed the family was before the photos. When it comes to family portrait Virginia becomes crazy because she wants to look like the rich families for a moment.

Virginia comes back at the house and tells her version of what happened before the pictures were taken. Sabrina discovers that Jimmy eats his hair when he is stressed out. Everyone becomes crazy with those family portrait, especially Virginia. Sabrina is a big fan of how crazy the Chances are.

Jimmy was in charge of the lastest family portait. He wanted to do a more natural looking picture, without theme. But Virginia really wanted a good family portrait just like in the houses she cleans all day. Virginia couldn't handle the fact there is no theme because she wanted them to be recognize as a family. So she refused to do the portrait. As the family was driving back to the house, Virginia was very angry. When Burt turned the radio on, the song "Do Wacka Do" performed by Roger Miller was on. But Virginia did not want to listen to the radio so she broke it. However,when Maw Maw has strated singing the song and the all family started singing as well even Virginia. As their were singing, Burt ran a red light. So they received the picture of the family runing the light. According to Sabrina this picture is really great because they managed to capture a real moment of happiness.

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Jimmy, Sabrina, Virginia, and more...

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  • The song the family listen in the truck and sing is "Do Wacka Do" performed by Roger Miller and released in 1965.